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All about the posters and formats

All our posters/artwork prints are made in France with the best printing machines. We're not talking about the usual prints you get on 99% of other printing or "your picture on canvas" websites. We're talking about real art prints. Please find below the technical specifications for each individual technique and format used. Please have a look and click here for examples and pictures of all the formats available

All our digital creations are printed on "luxe paper" in high definition. On top of this high quality printing, we apply an extra transparent plastic layer (glossy or matt) at high temperature for protection against UV light and time effect. This coating extends the life of each art piece compared to that of an uncoated work. High performance, ecological inks are used for sustainability. You can also add a white or black border (3cm). To finish there is the option of adding eyelets (of steel) to the work rather than framing it (on demand only).
- > Click here to see the pictures of the "luxe paper".

"Art Paper” is an art-quality paper with a thickness of 250 grams, printed with anti-UV, ecological inks for improved durability of the colors and print. The texture is slightly gloss. Unlike “luxury paper” described above, it is not possible to choose the finish or to add metal hole reinforcements (eyelets). "Art Paper" is not encapsulated by a recto-verso plastic layer. You can add a white or black border (3cm).
- > Click here to see the pictures of the "art paper".

The frames that we use are all finished in natural wood completed with a glass front (for the small sizes) and with an acrylic front (Plexiglas) for the big sizes. They are handmade by our skilled frame specialists. All framed posters have a white border (6 cm), all except the 4 piece poster. This border helps to emphasise the quality of the print. The final result is modern and contemporary. All frames are provided with suitable hanging structures. You have the option of two thicknesses of frame and style - 4cm and 7cm - in white and black.
- > Click here to see the 4 cm frame.

The posters of our engraved wooden collection are directly engraved with a laser cutting machine on the wood. No ink or another printing method is used. The poster is composed only of different levels and engraving depths to give birth to the final creation. Precise, fine, surprising, laser engraving process is modern and unconventional, perfectly suited to the premium limited edition. For a perfect finish, we mount the engraved creation in a black floater frame (3,6 cm thickness). Hanging hardware is also included.
- > Click here to see the pictures samples of the engraved wooden poster.

The print is realized directly in high definition on back of the Plexiglas (acrylic - thickness : 0,5 cm) with ecologic inks. The Plexiglas we used is the best quality available on the market. It has a perfect transparancy and an extroardinary resistance. Each print on Plexiglas have also 4 holes (one at each corner) to hang it with style and to emphasize the creation on the wall. All the white parts of a creation will be print like all the others colors will be printed (no transparency). Lastly a 0,5 cm border on all sides will protect the print of time effect and damage. You can also add a white or black border (3cm).
- > Click here to see the pictures of the plexiglas format.

The tarpaulin we use are weighted at 550 Gramms and is 'pre-contrainte' (meaning the tarpaulin is very rigid, with a high resistance to tension). We use the best tarpaulin available on the market. The print is produced directly on to the tarpaulin, using sustainable inks. The inks we use are also anti UV to protect all artworks against the damaging affects sunlight and time can have. Each print on tarpaulin have 4 steel eyelets (we can remove it on demand only). To finish you can also add a white or black border (3cm).
- > Click here to see the pictures of the tarpaulin.

We use solid PVC (approx. 1cm thick) to provide a strong base. The perfectly adapted large size, and the high quality of the material is a true leader from other solid PVC available on the market. Initially we print on to the art paper (see a further description at the top of this page) with a plastic layer to cover (either glossy or matt) and we adhere this to the solid PVC using a hot pressing machine. Once this stage is completed, a hanging system is directly added to the reverse of the structure. To finish you can also add a white or black border (3cm).
- > Click here to see the pictures of the solid pvc.

We print the digital artwork on a special fabric (very fine frame) with the sublimation process. This impression is then made (sewn) by hand to add a border plastic all around the fabric used to the insertion in the 100% aluminum frame (2 cm thickness). We provide also 4 corners plastic (molded) extremely strong for the junction of each framework aluminum bar (there are 6 plastic corners depending on the size, the additional 2 will serve as reinforcement to the length for very large formats). The printing is a deep mat and you can see the warp of the fabric only by looking at it very closely. Cherry on the cake, the fabric is washable in machine (low temperature as for delicate clothing) and the weight of the full frame is really light. You can also add a white or black border (3cm).
When you order this kind of frame, you receive it in a kit and you have to mount it. We made this video for you to make a guide and to show that it can't be more simple to do. If however, you had problems to mount it, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.
- > Click here to see the pictures of the framed aluminum + fabric print
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