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AmkaShop - History - Who are we

AMKA is a registered trademark (INPI - 2004). Thomas Gayet is the found roof AmkaShop (AD/designer ). He created the company (The) Refractions in 2001, Artskills in 2006 and My Vynil in 2007 .

Passionate about creation in general and more specifically about digital art that he\'s been practising over the last 15 years, Thomas created AmkaShop in 2005. The aim of AmkaShop is to promote talented contemporary artists but also to develop a new decoration concept. This new decoration concept, all made feasible through the use of digital art, allows the artworks to be printed on very large formats and unusual modern materials used outside their traditional purpose.

AmkaShop works hard to get digital art recognised as well as the many artists with various and surprising paths, who enrich our online catalogue and of this art with infinite styles. We eagerly aim to promote this art as well as the contemporary artists who bring it to life and make it meaningful. We regularly organise exhibitions which we are very passionate about.

Digital art is the heart of this \"concept shop\" even if we also offer unique artworks realised by talented artists on various materials such as toys, skateboard decks or even guitars and jerrycan.

Despite digital art not yet being recognised as \"real art\" by the masses (wrongly, since art has always used the means at its disposal to explore new methods and forms); our aim is to produce different and original creations in limited series to promote digital art as a true art form. After all, why should we always use Scandinavian posters to make our houses feel or look more (im)personal?

AmkaShop is a modern decoration alternative offering original formats, large prints and digital art. We limit the series to only 200 items (all posters are numbered). We now invite you to discover our catalogue. Don\'t we say that pictures speak a thousand words? If you have any questions, don\'t hesitate to get in touch!
Our products
Made with care and passion by our specialists, each item has our expertise and experience since 2005. The quality requirement is not just a slogan for us, it's visceral.
Our artists
Selected with love, they are the heart and soul of AmkaShop. Each artist receives royalties when you purchase an item. You contribute to the recognition of digital art.
Limited edition
Limited to 200 items, no more, whatever the support! The limited edition is a religion in AmkaShop. A certificate of authenticity, a flyer and stickers comes with all orders.
AmkaShop Application
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The AmkaShop app is here and available for IOS and Adroid. Discover the cool features of our new application.

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